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Located in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, Mattioli Law Office sits not far from the coal mines that made the area famous. And like the preceding generations that worked those mines, Mattioli Law brings an old-fashioned, blue-collar approach to the practice of law. From divorce matters to prosecution for Driving Under the Influence, Mattioli Law applies a determined, unyielding and forceful methodology to each and every case to ensure the best interests of its clients are served.

Complimenting this work ethic, clients of Mattioli Law Office also find themselves treated to a uniquely modern, boutique experience. Unlike larger firms, the client of Mattioli Law will discover they deal directly with Attorney Louis J. Mattioli III himself. From the initial telephone conference to responding to emails to trial representation, Attorney Mattioli is intimately involved in each and every aspect of the client’s case. And that close attention to every detail will not end until the best possible result for the client is achieved.

If you or someone you know needs an old-fashioned work ethic paired with a thoroughly modern law practice, contact Mattioli Law today.

Featured Services

Family Law

Mattioli Law Office brings more than a decade of experience to all family law matters. From initial intake, through  every hearing, Attorney Mattioli will ensure you have his fullest attention and the detail-oriented representation that such  personal matters deserve.


No one should have to lie awake at night worrying about what will happen to their loved ones in the event of their passing.

Who is going to take care of them? Who is going to provide for them?


Should you find yourself facing such criminal charges, it is absolutely essential that you act quickly to ensure your rights are protected and the best possible outcome achieved.


At Mattioli Law Office, no lawsuit is treated as being too big or too small. Instead, Attorney Mattioli views each and every litigation for what it truly is: a matter of incredible importance to you.

Customer Reviews

Custody Case

Lou is one of the best lawyers in Hazle Township. He saved my daughter from an abusive father in a very bitter custody hearing. I owe him everything.

Posted by Alisha

Attorney Louis J. Mattioli III – Great Lawyer!

Attorney Louis J. Mattioli III was most understanding and agreed to take a civil case that was extremely important to us. He was very confident and friendly. He implemented all of the proper legal procedures as they were needed. On several occasions he went out of his way to assist us, as in making a home visit and providing a ride. We were proceeding against some unscrupulous defendants. Attorney Mattioli stayed with and fought our case until it resulted in our favor.

Posted by Judy