No one want to find themselves in the midst of a legal battle against a neighbor, a business partner, a tenant or even a family member, but the sad reality is that sometimes such a battle is unavoidable. Boundary lines go ignored. Contracts are broken. The repairman you hired to fix a problem in your home simply does not do the job properly. And when informal attempts to resolve these issues amicably breakdown, litigation inevitably ensues. At times like these, whether you find yourself in the role of plaintiff or defendant, you need the assistance of a skilled litigator to advocate zealously for your interests. At times like these, you need the assistance of Attorney Mattioli.

At Mattioli Law Office, no lawsuit is treated as being too big or too small. Instead, Attorney Mattioli views each and every litigation for what it truly is: a matter of incredible importance to you. Whether you find yourself before a small claims court or the court of common pleas, Attorney Mattioli prides himself on bringing the same attention to detail, trial preparation and hard-nosed litigation tactics to bear in advancing your interests. And that all begins from your initial intake at Mattioli Law and the development of litigation strategy through the ultimate resolution of your litigation, and sometimes beyond.

Attorney Mattioli has more than a decade of experience litigating civil matters as diverse as landlord-tenant disputes, breach of contract, property disputes, improper repair work, warranty violations, private harassment actions, credit card and debt collection disputes, and personal injury. If you or someone you know becomes embroiled in civil ligation or is on the verge of being so, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, contact Mattioli Law today.